5 Rounds: Agency vs Freelance, an EMERGE event

Ever wonder which is better: Agency Life or Freelance Freedom?
Maybe a better question is which is better for your design career?

Come August 15 it’s on!

5 Rounds: Agency Vs Freelance

Featuring: Mike “The A.D.” McCoy – Vs. – Jonathan “I like my freedom” Wood

Join us as we go 5-Rounds on Agency Vs. Freelance as part of new National AIGA EMERGE initiative targeting emerging designers. Get your ringside seat for what is set to be a slugfest of opinions and a smackdown of one-upmanship between two titans of the industry. Plus, AIGA Wichita is ringing in the EMERGE Awareness Week with the inaugural EMERGE event. This is the Main Attraction on a National level.

If that's not enough, we’re introducing a new format where two guests go toe-to-toe on a topic with 5 rounds of questions and audience participation. Our two heavyweights will be sparring over who has it better. In the end, you’ll decide the winner and what is the winning approach for your career as we cover 5 topics in Agency Vs. Freelance:

Round 1: The Office
Round 2: The People
Round 3: The Work
Round 4: The Worst
Round 5: The Perks

Got a question for the duo? Here’s your chance to weigh in and tweet it to #EMERGEwichita. The referee will be sure provoke an answer during the event.

EMERGE offers tailored content for the emerging designer. Within EMERGE there are five tracks of interest: Employment, Growth, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Life Skills. We will punch into each of these tracks as part of an ongoing EMERGE series.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Date: Monday, August 15, 2016
Time: Doors open at 5:30, Round 1 begins at 6:00
Venue: Peerless Bar, 919 E. Douglas (Cash Bar)
Cost: $5 AIGA members, $10 Non-Members

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This event is part of AIGA nation-wide EMERGE Awareness Week. Check out what other chapters across the country are doing at aiga.org/emerge and via #AIGAemerge.



We are thrilled to share with you the first-of-its-kind AIGA chapter-led and co-created national awareness week: EMERGE. Designers locally and across the country will be actively participate in this initiative. More information on how you can participate below.

EMERGE is a series of experiences tailored to help the emerging designer hone their skills, discover their talents, and grow their career. We’re kicking off this new EMERGE Initiative with a week’s worth of events and content.

EMERGE programming will continue on throughout the year ahead and supported nationally by all 70 AIGA local chapters. Your participation will ensure its continued success. EMERGE is the result of AIGA Minnesota’s awarded AIGA Innovate grant.

EMERGE: 5 Rounds: Agency vs Freelance
This event will be live streamed via Facebook Live. To view this event, "like" the AIGA Wichita Facebook page and tune in 6:00pm Central, August 15

Who Should Attend?

Emerging designers seeking to learn more about entrepreneurism.
Designers wanting a better understanding of differences between working in an agency or as a freelancer

When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001