Design+Data with Michael Costello
Join us for a lecture on data & analytics with Squid Ink Creative's Michael Costello.
DOORS - 6 pm
LECTURE - 6:30 pm
Michael is their digital brain trust and heads up digital strategy & search campaigns for all of Squid’s clients. Michael is Google Certified in Search Network Advertising, Display Network Advertising, Video Advertising, Google Analytics, and is a Bing Accredited Professional. In addition to his certifications, he is proficient in social media management, market research, marketing strategy, e-mail marketing and online event planning.

About the Lecture from Michael Costello
When leveraged correctly, data is the common language that unites all functions of the communication arts (like marketing). A design doesn't have to always be the unquantifiable "opinion" of one person over another. 

We live in an unprecedented age where we don't have to rely on what's "better," because that is an argument that can never be won or lost. And we often spend way too much time arguing "better" in this new age where minutes can often make the difference.

 We can ask what is "more effective in reaching our objectives," though. Designers and creative teams need to know what metrics they should care about, and should know how to gather them.

That is where I come in. To help the creative teams ask the questions to get the data that will them gain the insights they need to be more efficient designer, not better designers.

When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001