Wichita Design Week: Dustin Joyce

The Experience Age of Creative Advertising.

Tomorrow’s marketing playbook is already written and the next generation of creators are already in the game. It’s time to stop blaming budgets, dreaming of fewer deliverables and idolizing traditional advertising. Instead, we must once again stare ideas in the face, accept social media as the game-changing opportunity it is, and make now, ask questions later.

Join us September 27th as we discuss the how to thrive in the Experience Age of Creative Advertising with Dustin Joyce.


About Dustin Joyce

Dustin Joyce is a Creative Director and a self-described ad-nerd at PERISCOPE Advertising in Minneapolis, MN. He recently exposed Deadpool’s package to the world with “Tiny Hands by Trolli,” dropped world’s rarest sneakers with James Harden and Adidas, and led design for a “Weirdly Woven” fashion collection in collaboration with Mokuyobi Threads.

Dustin is a graduate of Wichita State University with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. Since moving to Minneapolis in 2007 he has been building a career in creative advertising with a focus on infusing ideas and technology for brands like American Express, BEHR Paint, Buffalo Wild Wings, Fossil, P.F. Chang’s, Trolli Gummies, and Founders Brewing Co.


Dustin Joyce's Agency – Periscope.com

Recent Work – @Trolli_usa on Instagram

Portfolio – DustinJoyce.me

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Tue, Nov 30, -0001