What is The Deck?

The Deck is a collaborative community project where designers each show off their skills by designing the front of a playing card. The 52 card deck celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of Wichita’s Design Community. Participants joined us back in January at Harvester Arts where we all played a game to determine who is designing which card. With their suit selected, everyone stuck around to socialize with fellow designers and started off a brainstroming sesh to gain inspiration.

If you pre-ordered your deck you can now pick it up at The Workroom (150 N Cleveland) during their business hours! Don’t worry – if you didn’t pre-order you can still purchase one at The Workroom and Vortex Souvenir (2721 E Central Ave) as well. If you participated in the Deck project and would like to receive your participant discount, please contact us at president@wichita.aiga.org.

Special thank you to our sponsor Harvester Arts and everyone who made our first Deck a success! See below for a complete list of our participants.

card back & box design
Drew Becker

Luke Bott

Mark Rodriguez

Annelise Muret  @theannimalise

Kristyn Smith

Sarah Myose

Fidel Serrano  @fidel_graphics

Carlos Palomino  @carlosfpdesign

Sahara Small  @sahara_divine

Andrew Cruz  @imandrewcruz

Jessie New

Adrian Ornelas

Kelsey Pracht

Samantha Camden

Delilah Reed

Hunter Myers

Ellen Mosiman

Gabby Garlow

Alvolita Benson

Krissy Buhrer

Chloe Cloud

Frank Kolodziej

Dustin Youngman

Ayu Gagnebin

Shane Cole

Joe Worley

Justin Miller

Amber Shuey

Connor Holmes

Jojo Stock

Megan Stull

Sarah Diaz-Rivera

Katelynn Sears

Madeline Deabler

Jim Simpson

Olivia Jackson

Mayra Ocampo

Jaci Ignudo

Meghan & Juanta Wolfe

Tyler Bowers

Joe Hansen

Greg Turner

Kiefer Waltman

Gina Stevenson

Ethan Welch

Andrea Grisanti

Lupe Trevino

Dayna Hoock

Maggie Gilmore

Italia Venegas

Sofia Burnett

KaCey Green

Austin Storie

Heather New