Jonathan Wood
Advisory Board

Jonathan started his graphic design career at the age of 13 with a friend’s dad’s Mac, Corel Draw, and a fat book of clipart. By the age of 17 he was churning out original t-shirt designs for family reunions at an alarming rate. In 2004 Jonathan received his B.A. in Design from Friends University in Wichita — a small liberal arts school where he is currently an Adjunct Professor of Design. Jonathan’s passion for bold design infuses every aspect of his daily lifestyle.
Nationally-recognized and awarded designer, art director and design educator, Jonathan lends his unique creative style to gorgeous and efficient designs. From logos and illustrations to interactive work, to hand-printed business cards, Jonathan lives and breaths design. After a few years working for a mid-sized ad agency, Jonathan left to found The Running Doves Press, Wichita’s first and only boutique letterpress printshop. In 2012 sold Running Doves to a larger printshop so he could re-focus and double-down on his design career.
Specializing in branding and illustration, Jonathan is an independent art director and enjoys the freedom and flexibility that being self-employeed brings. In his spare time Jonathan enjoys building and customizing motorcycles, cigars, tweaking the tube-amps in his home stereo, and digging through bins of vinyl records to pad his ever growing collection. He’s currently searching for the ultimate pair of speakers.